‘Do Safety Differently’ by Dekker and Conklin is now available.

A decade after the term was coined, two of the leading thinkers and authors in this space come together to publish a guide to the implementation and practice of the concepts!

If you are new to Safety Differently and have not quite caught up on all the readings, this is for you. It is a terrific starting place, after which you can go down as many rabbit holes as you want! Explore previous publications by Sid and Todd on specific aspects of this book, or dive in to some of the many papers referenced.

If you are not new to the ideas, this is a concise and contemporary book focussed on actionable items. A timely update to where these guy’s heads are currently in both how they speak on the subjects, as well as on implementation ideas from their combined experiences.

Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments. There is a lot to discuss!


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