Special Guest Sidney Dekker Discusses “Do Safety Differently” Chapter 4

Jeff and Sid talk about Chapter 4: “Declutter your bureaucracy

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Background: In 2014 I emceed a day-long workshop with Sidney here in Vancouver, hosted by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. Soon after, a few friends and associates started getting together over beers to discuss what Sid described as the ‘failed state’ of safety in a blog post inspired by that same event. We called ourselves the Safety Differently Book Club, and we co-opted the tag line ‘a drinking club with a safety problem’ from the Hash House Harriers. We have met many times over the years and have held different types of social gatherings, some of which have actually included books!

Sidney has been back to town many times since 2014, but he was passing through in May 2022 so I thought it would be fun to get the SDBC gang back together and host a pub night to discuss the book he had recently written with Todd Conklin. We set up a couple of phone cameras to record our chat and I’d like to share it with you, chapter by chapter.


Husband, father, grandfather. Big fan of doing safety differently, and proud caretaker of this website.

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  1. paul bussey Reply

    Hi Jeff,
    Love the “decluttering bureaucracy” & “neo-liberalism” video/podcast.
    As one of the founders of “CDM Differently” in the UK ( CDM = Construction Design & Management Regulations) we greatly welcome this move away from unnecessary paperwork. As many of us are Architects we relate to Mies van de Rohe’s “less is more” seen through the eyes of Sydney Dekker.
    Keep the messages flowing across the pond,
    Paul Bussey

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