Meet our amazing team.

Jeff Lyth


Jeff helps organizations evolve how they manage safety by guiding their exploration and integration of the ‘new views’. He discovered this website in 2013 after a conventional 20 year career in safety, and it changed the trajectory of his life and work. He is honoured to be the current caretaker of this website and hopes that it might continue to inspire others as it did for him.


Ivan Pupulidy


Ivan applies his experience and research to operations in complex, high-risk environments, such as wildland firefighting, aviation, and medicine. He is an international consultant and speaker on risk, safety and HOP. He even represented the US Forest Service for a presentation to the Obama Whitehouse during a wildland firefighter safety forum.

Ron Gantt 


Ron is interested in helping organizations create the conditions for human flourishing at work. His experience is in safety management, human factors, resilience engineering, organizational learning, and leadership. His passion is creating processes that bring out the best in people, tapping into the creative problem solving we all have to deal with complexity.


Daniel Hummerdal


After an initial career in aviation, Daniel trained to become an organisational psychologist. He has since worked as a consultant in high risk industries in France and Australia. His goal is to facilitate the development of better solutions in which people’s potential is engaged and realised.