Happy New Year

file000670714310250 individuals, from 20 countries, across 6 continents visited safetydifferently.com during its first month online (December 2012). In the week leading up to Christmas the site had 70-80 visitors per day.

While the site at first was intended as a blog to share my personal contemplations and frustrations from working with safety, it quickly found a more functional form as a website to exchange critical and innovative safety thinking from a range of authors. This is also the direction I hope the site will continue to grow in: to become a global meeting place for those interested in doing safety differently.

So far, 4 authors have written 10 entries, which have received some comments from the readers. For 2013 I foresee at least 20 new authors and at least 50 new posts, and a lot more interactivity on the site.

The author part is relatively easy to promise. I already have received much encouragement and interest in the site and the list of inspiring authors with thought provoking topics grows steadily.

The interactive part is trickier. While some things obviously can be facilitated by the way the entries are written, getting engagement from visitors is relatively uncontrollable. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I will try out during the year.

Two features that were added late last year were the Facebook page, and the twitter account (the Facebook page had some issues but should now be up and running).Facebook provides another entrance/platform to exchange thoughts, and twitter provides quick and easy sharing. So far, however, LinkedIn is what has driven most new visitors to the site.

Regarding content, the main criteria for putting things on the site will continue to be that it is: a) safety related, and b) critical or innovative. In other words there will be relevant contextual data, which is accompanied by insightful conceptual connections, turning traditional safety thinking on its head, and making room for fresh alternatives.

But especially, I’d like to help sharing success stories, or case studies, from those who have tried doing safety differently. For sure, there is plenty of good stuff going on out there. Do let me know if you have something you wish to share. Let’s spread the good word!

The future is per tradition a tad difficult to predict. But, if I were to guess, or wish, I’d say that by the end of 2013 there will be around1000 visitors per day.




  1. Sue Milner Reply

    Daniel, It is no surprise to me that LinkedIn is the source of most visits. Call me old-fashioned (many do), but I use LinkedIn for business and facebook for personal stuff. So, I am unlikely to access this via facebook. Work is fun but it is not all of my life. But then I am not of the younger generation, so what do others think? Shall we make predictions for 2013 and see how it pans out?

  2. Zinta Satins Reply

    Sue, I often feel behind the times when it comes to technology. Saying that, I am a regular user of facebook and find it the best way to keep up to date. Like you, work is not all my life but I find inspiration in all sorts of places. Sometimes I find it difficult to draw boundaries around the different parts of my life. I predict that Safety Differently will gain in popularity in all sorts of ways and that all forms of social media will contribute to that. I also predict that the site will have at least 200 subscribers by the end of 2013.

  3. Les Henley Reply

    Well I just found your website following one of your articles being flagged on Riskex which I am subscribed to.
    I’ve since read 2 of your articles and am impressed by the contructively critical approach to thinking about saftey.
    And I don’t use either LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for work related reading and professional interaction so I’ve just subscribed directly and look forward to receiving all future posts directly to my inbox.
    I am a regular repsonder to Riskex and Kevin Jones ‘SafetyatWork’ blog sites so I imagine I will also be responding to articles here as well. (as I am right now).
    Congratulations on contetn so far and I look forward to future artciles and debates here.

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